Next VH SOCIAL WEBINAR will be held at 19,July 2020.

The VOICE OF HUMANITY is holding a webinar series aiming at finding and trying to solve social problems where researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world are delivering their speeches. In its continuation,MR JAN ROBBERTS, Executive Director at John MaxWell,Certified Coach,Trainer and Public Speaker (Netherlands) will speak on “Intentional Leadership” at 9:00 pm (BD) on July 19,2020.Mr. M A HASAN, Founder and President of VOICE OF HUMANITY, is the convener of the webinar Series and also it is moderated by Ms. Sanjida Khanam. Dr. Atiur Rahman, Former Governor of Bangladesh Bank (Bangladesh), Flag girl Ms Nazmun Nahar,World Traveler, (Sweden), Dr. Luisa Brunari, Founder and President of the Win Win Association (Italy), Researcher Mr. Yasin Mharti (Morocco), Mrs. Marina Tadoloni,Professor of Infection and Medicine at the University of Bologna, (Italy), Dr. Asiful Haque (Bangladesh), Ms Katrina Obarik, Founder of the Rich Artist (Germany),Dr. Nisha Pandey, Associate Dean Research and Publication Chairperson Yunus Centre of Social Business, VESIM Business School,(India), Dr. Faiz Shah, Director, Yunus Center, Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand),Mr. Aman Ullah,Founder and CO of English Olympiad,(Bangladesh), Prof. Abed Ali,Secretary General of SAARC Human Right Foundation (Bangladesh), Mr. Sami Sanaullah, CEO & MD of Travel Link Ltd,(Uk) and eminent banker Mr. Shafiul Alam were the guest till now since May 2020. Due to the pandemic the conference has been suspended and we have started online conference.Let’s join the webinar and enrich ourselves.Updates will be available on our web site and Facebook pages of the organization.