Voice of Humanity Bangladesh

Est. 2017
Govt. Reg. NO-CH/636

Short Summary of Our Project & Activities VOICE OF HUMANITY FOUNDATION(VHF)
Duration : From 2017 Christ to 2019 Christ

Performance Overview

The purpose of this Performance Overview is to provide a brief introduction to The VOICE OF HUMANITY FOUNDATION(VHF).This includes a glimpse about our history,an outline of the purpose and activities of the Organization including a brief description of activities and Organizational structure.In addition,the  President, General Secretary and admin perspective of performance during the years is provided,including the key issues and risks to the delivery of our principal objectives.
Introduction of VHFVOICE OF HUMANITY FOUNDATION(VHF) is one of the best govt. listed Non-profit Organizations in Bangladesh.Our team all over 180 staffs provide a wide range of acute,specialist services across the country basically in the Rohingya Refugee Camps in Cox’sBazar. From 2017,VHF took over responsibility for managing various kinds of Charity program among the underprivileged people a all over the country and the Rohingya Refugee Camps.Man is carrying on the banned development crossing different stages of civilization through his creative role.As a modest complementary force of development the role of VHF is quite bright and it has a long-standing experience in the aiding and development sector of Bangladesh.The Organization is committed to develop the social-economic condition of the underprivileged people. Accordingly, with this set goal, VHF followed different development programs.These are timely projects with elaborate activities to achieve qualitative and positive change in the situation and condition of target audience.VHF is also has been about environment development police.Bangladesh is now facing the serious challenge of environmental pollution and ecological degradation.So the Organization has associated itself in the movement to keep environment clean and maintain ecological balance through its program of tree plantation, safe water,sanitation, healthy food shelter for underprivileged people, Medical support, emergency help,Education Center, legal support to the underprivileged women and children etc.


When M A HASAN (Founder) was a student of Chittagong University, He used to do humanitarian task for helpless people.It was 25 August 2017,when The Rohingya people of Arkan state of Myanmar faced a drastic ethnic cleaning by Myanmar Government.Almost one million Rohingya people intruded Bangladesh through Bangladesh-Myanmar Boarder in Coxsbazar,among those, Most of them were children and women.It was a untold dreadful situation.Never ever He has seen humanitarian disaster like this where intruding woman and children were living under open Sky.In sun and rain with muddy dress,They were getting sick day by day.Neither they have foods nor shelter,nor primary medical aid.He had seen Rohingya women gave birth baby under open sky.Wounded and dying people were lying there without any helping hand.These pathetic scenario trembled his heart.Seeing this,He in no time,tried to contact with his friends,relatives,Well wishers to do something for helpless Rohingya people.Within very short time,He was able to organize a group of Volunteers for aiding them.And We have been  providing foods,Clothes(for 22,000),medical treatment with medicine(12,500),milk for new born babies(10000) and so on.

These activities inspired him greatly and encouraged him to do something better for humanity.As a result,He  has established a Non-profit Organization named “VOICE OF HUMANITY.”40 M.B.B.S Doctors, 23 Nurses and 405 Volunteers are working Voluntarily under our supervision for aiding The Rohingya Refugees and the most underprivileged people of Bangladesh.We have established a school named “VOICE OF HUMANITY SCHOOL” for Rohingya Children.At present We are providing foods, clothes,medical treatment and education among the Rohingya.And aslo we are Organizing free medical camp for Diabetics patients of Bangladesh and also organizing free consciousness seminar.

Our Mission

  • To help Disastrous and poor people and Refugees.
  • To provide free medical treatment among the poor people and Refugees in Bangladesh.
  • To protect and Nurse rootless children
  • To protect and help underprivileged women
  • To give legal protection among underprivileged women and children
  • To give proper educational help among The Rohingya Children, Street children and Underprivileged children.
  • To grow plant for building a green planet.
  • .TO root out Poverty and Unemployment from the Society 

Our Vision

We (VHF) have also a glorious vision, which is only for human life specially suffering people. All over the world, some Human tender people are blessed with the natural resources and lots of wealth. They are donated huge amount for developing suffering people. If entire donation could be immensely use it will change the face of the world. VHF is working to achieve this dream. VHF  just operates as a coordinator among the various kind of needy people distressed people.


 As a non profitable organizations VOICE OF HUMANITY ( VHF)  exist mainly to provide help or resources to a target audience with a specific need. VHF usually serve a public purpose such as enriching the lives of people in the community, and enjoy special considerations in terms of tax, legal status and accountability. VHF deliver volunteer facilities to the poor people of Bangladesh though philanthropic activities. Its multifarious activities include Fostering of Orphans, operation of relief program, Mobile  Clinics and learning center, Orphan Center building  and food providing to the poor people. Beside this project, we execute some other projects as per donor’s desire i.e. winter clothes distribution donation to poor puller Sewing Machine to poor women. VHF  Implements its charitable projects by informing Respective Local Administration. Deputy Commissioner,  Upazila Nirbahi Officer, DC office, RRRC etc.


 NGO and civil society networking project: 

VOICE OF HUMANITY FOUNDATION   has been implementing the NGO and civil society-networking project in support with NGO forum since 2017 to be continued in 2020.  The  project has been being implemented at different resource poor communities of rural communities & disadvantages people covering large number of women, children and adolescent of the communities concerned. The project includes awareness building of women, men and children about eater and sanitation and hygiene practice at personal, familial and (Meeting with the official on School Water & Sanitation Program) Institution level. It also develops sanitation skills of the beneficiaries for self-help sanitation practices in their daily lives. The project also develops linkages and networks with sanitation service institutions for delivering sanitation services to the communities resulting in 100% sanitation at community level. Apart from the interventions, the project also conducts discussion meeting with civil society groups, local government institutions and target stakeholders for mass awareness building on water and sanitation resulting in reducing in sanitation and water born diseases in the communities.

Quality Driven

  •  To provide excellent quality, safe, evidence-based patient care that exceeds national standards.
  • To individually be the best we can in our actions and interactions #To individually be the best we can in our actions and interactions
  • To work as one team with both our colleagues and partners to deliver the best care both in and out of project  Responsible
  • To be honest, open and transparent in all our commitments, actions and results. #To be personally accountable for the things we do, our services and the Trust’s reputation.
  •  To be alert to the potential for errors and always strive to correct things that go wrong.
  • To acknowledge and celebrate success.
  • To be resourceful and open to new, innovative, evidence-based ideas.

Performance Overview from the CEO

 We are delighted to introduce this year’s annual report which highlights some of the main developments to our services and the improvements that have been made over the past year across VOICE OF HUMANITY (VHF) The annual Quality Report, included within the Annual Report, highlights how we have performed against a number of key national and locally determined clinical standards and our key quality improvement priorities. We would also like to use this opportunity to update you on the progress. We are trying to make better one day by day.