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Yemen Crisis

Yemen need urgent help. There are 13 million people on the hunger border and 130 children die each day from hunger. Yemen can not continue without reliefs. Don't let Yemen alone.

Milk Distribution Among Rohinya Babies

VOICE OF HUMANITY has been distributed milk and foods among Ten thousand babies of Rohingya Refugees.On that project,M A HASAN,President of VOICE OF HUMANITY, was present in Distribution.It is a great humanitarian disaster.Thousands of Children are suffering malnutrition and many diseases.Everybody should come forward to helping the underprivileged people,to save humanity,to protect the innocent children.From beginning,VOICE of Humanity is aiding to the helpless people Let's love the people,Let's secure the ...Continue Reading


#VOICE OF HUMANITY SCHOOL:It's the first school for the Rohingya Children. Shahadat Hossain" director of VH" is taking the class of Rohingya Refugee Children. He is astonished at the skills of our children. He tried to enlighten those unprivileged children.Even two months ago,They would not know any letters.They are the most underprivileged children in the world.Need more love, sympathy & Aiding for them.VH Family is trying its best for them. ...Continue Reading


Voice of Humanity School is providing Education among The Rohingya Refugee Children at Kutopalong Camp in Cox'sbazar .Yesterday M A Hasan,Founder & president of VH,has distributed Educational Materials among the innocent Rohingya Kids.They were deprived from education. There, thousands of children are faceing many troubles.VH is providing foods,clothes,Medical treatment & so on.It's a great humanitarian disaster.For their survival,Needs more & more love & aiding. let's love the people,let's build a ...Continue Reading