Your Donation will bring a nation who has no capacity to survive in this world

VOICE OF HUMANITY is a govt. listed  Non-Profit Organization in Bangladesh. We are working for the Rohingya Refugees and also underprivileged people of Bangladesh. Now in Bangladesh, It is  unbearable cold. The Refugees and the Orphan Children of Bangladesh will be benefited. By the fund, We will buy winter clothes and distribute among the Rohingya Refugees and the orphan Children  of Chittagong . They are the most Underprivileged Refugees in the world and the orphan children too. They are helpless if we are not helped them.They will suffer a lot ,even the Children may die due of heavy cold. We need the fund as soon as possible or within 15 days.Because it is massive cold in Bangladesh . We need your help and we hope we can be able to distribute winter clothes hopefully. Your donation may get them a comfortable  and secure life. We will be very happy if we can help them.  May God Bless you. 

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