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Food For Hungry People Project in Chittagong

VOICE OF HUMANITY FOUNDATION has lunched Food For Hungry People Project for the underprivileged people in Chittagong, Bangladesh .We Target to distribute food for hungry people in the area of Khalpar ,ChawkBazar ,Chittagong.We have also started our distribution program since 25, April 2020.Today We have also distributed foods among underprivileged in the area of Boga Bill, Chittagong.It is another pathetic image of Bangladesh. It will be hard to believe, if you do not see it with your own eyes. The people living there requests to take rice as iftar instead of chickpeas-puffed rice, banana, eggplant fritters, chilli fritters, date etc. They spend their days starving . Many of them say that we could not fast because we did not have rice in our house. Need more emergency support for them,need more foods ,let support the people. Link